Feb 01 2016

Liberals criticized NDP for breaking 75:25 arrangement in 2013

HALIFAX, NS – When the former NDP government overcharged premiums for the Seniors’ Pharmacare program, Leo Glavine was quick to pounce. 


Feb 01 2016

PC leader wants changes scrapped, says telling the truth about GIS recipients is the least McNeil can do

HALIFAX, NS – If Stephen McNeil refuses to rescind his dishonest changes to the Seniors’ Pharmacare program, the least he can do is come clean about whether those receiving federal GIS payments, like Laurell Hamilton in Joggins, will have to pay premiums. Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says the Liberals are allowing chaos and confusion to reign....

Jan 29 2016

Liberals reject satellite site

BARRINGTON, NS – Progressive Conservative MLA for Argyle-Barrington, Chris d’Entremont wants the McNeil Liberals  government to reconsider its decision to reject a dialysis satellite site for the Barrington area. 

Yesterday, Health Minister Leo Glavine wrote to the Barrington-CSI Satellite Dialysis Clinic Support Group dismissing their request, saying “it does not align with the provincial planning principles and...

Jan 28 2016

Latest pharmacare debacle again calls Liberals’ competence, integrity into question

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie is condemning the Liberal government for putting its sneaky 19 per cent pharmacare premium hike on the backs of seniors.

This morning, a day later than promised, the Liberal government finally released details of their plan to charge seniors more for the pharmacare program.

Under these new changes, seniors...

Jan 27 2016

Progressive Conservatives fight cash grab while Liberals plan fundraising parties

SPRINGHILL, NS - Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie has formally written to New Brunswick Premier, Brian Gallant, defending against a toll at the Nova Scotia-New Brunswick border community of Aulac.

Last week Baillie called on Premier Stephen McNeil and Cumberland North MLA Terry Farrell to stand up for Nova Scotians and fight the toll, but the Liberals have remained silent. It falls on...

Jan 27 2016

Health Department breaks word to MLAs, seniors

HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie is appalled the Liberal government still has not released the analysis it used to jack up premiums for thousands of seniors in the Pharmacare program.

This morning at the Public Accounts Committee, Deputy Minister of Health and Wellness Peter Vaughan, promised, to provide committee members with this very analysis by the end of the day.

As of 10:30 pm, the PC members...

Jan 26 2016

Liberals fail to fight for fairness on NB toll proposal

SPRINGHILL, NS - Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says Premier Stephen McNeil should be holding New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant’s feet to the fire on the proposal to add a new toll at the border instead of attending a fancy Liberal fundraiser.

In New Brunswick, Premier Gallant is considering a new toll at the provincial border near Aulac. Premier McNeil says it’s not his place to stand up for...

Jan 26 2016

Baillie: Changes to pharmacare program unfair to many seniors

Liberals should look for pharmacare program savings first, before asking seniors to pay more

HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie is calling on the McNeil Liberals to come clean about their sneaky tax increase for seniors.

In mid-January, Liberal Health Minister Leo Glavine announced changes to the Senior’s Pharmacare program. On April 1, about 40,000 seniors will...

Jan 22 2016

Liberals failing sexual assault survivors

SYDNEY, NS - Progressive Conservative MLA for Northside Westmount, Eddie Orrell, wants to know why the McNeil Liberals are making sexual assault survivors wait for important services they’ve been promised.

Orrell is asking why the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) Program is still not set up in Sydney.

In May, the Liberal government announced there would be two new teams of sexual assault nurse...

Jan 21 2016

Delay on ferry deal putting local economy at risk

ARGYLE, NS - Progressive Conservative MLA for Argyle, Chris d'Entremont says the Yarmouth ferry delay isn't just hurting tourism, it's wreaking havoc on the trucking industry too.

d'Entremont is calling on the Liberals to tell Nova Scotians exactly what type of boat is being considered for the Yarmouth to Maine run and if it will be able to accommodate tractor trailers and trucks.

"It's a...