Oct 22 2014
Today in the Legislature, the Hon. Jamie Baillie made the following statement about the tragedy unfolding in Ottawa:
Today is a sad day. It is a tragedy that is both personal and national. A soldier has been shot dead. Our sympathies go out to his family and we thank him for his service. Through him, we also thank all our peace officers, police, firefighters, Canadian Forces personnel and others who keep us safe and sometimes put themselves in harms way...
Oct 21 2014

Raw footage reveals Minister was not taken out of context, disproves “cut and paste” accusation

HALIFAX, NS –  Today in the Legislature Progressive Conservative MLA John Lohr stood on a Point of Privilege asking Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell to apologize for misleading Nova Scotians and the House of Assembly.

Progressive Conservatives have been pressing  the Liberal Minister to find a reasonable solution to assist small scale turkey processors...

Oct 21 2014

Dunn calls on the Liberals protect young students

HALIFAX, NS – Today in the Legislature, Progressive Conservative MLAs introduced the Education Fund Protection Act and the School Supplies Tax Credit Act.

The Education Fund Protection Act, which was introduced by PC Finance critic Tim Houston, would protect any education savings plan for post-secondary school from seizure should a family encounter bankruptcy. It will not include any other payments or refunds of...

Oct 21 2014

PC MLA says Premier’s angry diversion tactics won’t stop him from defending Southwest Nova Scotia

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative MLA Chris d’Entremont says the Premier’s angry diversion tactics won’t stop him from standing up for taxpayers and fighting for a sustainable ferry service between Yarmouth and Maine.

After a heated exchange with the Premier, d’Entremont was asked to excuse himself from the legislative chamber...

Oct 17 2014

Stands up for victims of sexual abuse

HALIFAX, NS – Yesterday in the Legislature, Progressive Conservative MLA for Inverness, Allan MacMaster, spoke on behalf of sexual abuse victims in the Strait of Canso area.

Over the past few years, there have been well-documented cases of sexual abuse in the Strait area. MacMaster’s comments were in reply to the Fall 2014 Speech from the Throne.  

Bob Martin, a complainant in the Fenwick MacIntosh case, was in the...

Oct 16 2014

Houston tables 1,700 name petition

HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative MLA for Pictou East, Tim Houston, tabled a petition in the legislature today with over 1,700 names in support of the PC Bill to create a provincial Lyme Disease Strategy for Nova Scotia.

Houston introduced a Bill in the Legislature in the Spring and re-introduced it today.

Blacklegged ticks are an issue in Nova Scotia and many people are suffering from Lyme disease. Houston says a provincial...

Oct 15 2014

HALIFAX, NS –Today in the Legislature, Progressive Conservative MLA for Pictou West, Karla MacFarlane, tabled a petition with over 3,000 signatures supporting small turkey processors like Gordon Fraser.

Fraser has been in the butchering business for 36 years and was recently told by the Turkey Farmers of Nova Scotia board that he could no longer process turkeys or he’d face a $5,000 fine.  

“This is an attack by the Liberal government on our rural way of...

Oct 14 2014

Baillie calls for action to rebuild the economy

HALIFAX, NS – Opposition leader Jamie Baillie says government action is required now to improve our economy and create jobs.

Today, Progressive Conservative MLAs introduced four Bills in the Legislature to rebuild Nova Scotia’s struggling economy and get the provincial finances under control. They are:

·         Economic Growth Goals Act, which...

Oct 14 2014

Liberals failing to provide physicians for rural Nova Scotians

HALIFAX, NS – Today during Question Period, Progressive Conservative MLA for Northside-Westmount demanded answers from the Minister of Health respecting the ongoing issues at the Northside General Hospital.

The hospital recently suffered unexpected and lengthy ER closures. Last week, a spokesperson from the Cape Breton Health Authority indicated the recent closures were, once again, a result of a lack of...

Oct 09 2014

HALIFAX, NS –As Thanksgiving approaches, Progressive Conservative Agriculture critic, John Lohr, says Liberal Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell needs to come clean about his position on allowing Nova Scotians to butcher their own poultry on their own property.

When challenged during Question Period yesterday in the House of Assembly, the Minister said he would not ban Nova Scotians from slaughtering their own chickens and turkeys.

That differs from comments the Minister...