Jan 28 2015

PC MLA says report shows true cost of incompetence and mismanagement, wants accountability for taxpayers

HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative finance critic Tim Houston says today’s Bluenose II restoration audit proves government mismanagement has wasted taxpayer money, squandered tourism opportunities, and tarnished the Bluenose legacy.

Houston wants the McNeil...

Jan 27 2015

Services for vulnerable people under attack from McNeil Liberals

BARRINGTON, NS – Progressive Conservative MLA for Argyle-Barrington, Chris d’Entremont, wants answers from Liberal Community Services Minister Joanne Bernard about the future of her department’s office in Barrington. The move would force Barrington residents in need of help to travel to Yarmouth or Liverpool.

d’Entremont received information that services in the office are slated...

Jan 23 2015

WESTVILLE, NS – Progressive Conservative Finance critic and MLA for Pictou East, Tim Houston, is calling on the Liberal Minister of Finance, Diana Whalen, to put in writing that she will not cut the volunteer firefighter tax credit.

Last night at the Tax Review and Budget Consultation meeting in Stellarton, the Minister verbally committed to keeping the credit. The future of the tax credit has been in jeopardy since its cancellation was recommended by Laurel Broten in the...

Jan 22 2015

Orrell and MacLeod write to the UARB

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative MLAs Eddie Orrell and Alfie MacLeod want greater clarity from the Utility and Review Board (UARB) on the Cape Breton Railway discontinuance.

Last week, the UARB decided the rail company could discontinue the service on October 1, 2015. The decision also said that in the interim, the railway company must deliver goods by rail if it is reasonably required by a shipper who is willing to pay a...

Jan 22 2015
McNeil undermines public trust in government, leaves Nova Scotians questioning Liberals’ competency
HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says it’s getting harder for Nova Scotians to believe the McNeil government.
Today, reported that the $2.5 million the McNeil government approved in December for the Nova Star ferry was done using a tool that safeguards government...
Jan 21 2015

HALIFAX, NS – Chris d’Entremont, the MLA for Argyle-Barrington and John Lohr, the MLA for Kings North, were recipients of Springtide Collective’s inaugural “Better Politics Awards” held this evening in Halifax.

d’Entremont, who has been an MLA for the past eleven years, was a finalist for three of the five categories. He won Legislator of the Year, which goes to the MLA who has the...

Jan 21 2015

Baillie says Liberal decision displays lack of competency and compassion

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie says a recent decision by the Department of Community Services to close its office in Sheet Harbour demonstrates the Liberal government’s lack of competency and compassion.

Upset clients have been told that a case worker will travel from Halifax to Sheet Harbour on an “as needed” basis to deal with their cases. Clients are...

Jan 20 2015

Liberals try to cover-up government incompetence by hiding cash injections

HALIFAX, NS – With new details emerging that taxpayers have unwittingly shelled out yet another $2.5 million to the Nova Star ferry, Progressive Conservative MLA for Argyle-Barrington, Chris d’Entremont, is calling on Minister Samson to be accountable once and for all.

“This is a case of accidental transparency,” says d’Entremont. “Not only have the Liberals forked...

Jan 20 2015

NS gets a D- on CFIB’s Red Tape Report Card

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative critic for Economic and Rural Development and Tourism, Karla MacFarlane says the McNeil Liberal government's red tape is putting people out of business.

Today, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) released its annual Red Tape Report Card.

Jan 20 2015

Liberal incompetence strikes again for Nova Scotia lobster fishermen  

KENTVILLE, NS – Progressive Conservative Fisheries and Aquaculture critic, John Lohr, says the roadshow announced by Liberal Minister Keith Colwell today is nothing but a sham.

Colwell announced 16 consultation meetings, but he failed to include meetings in the fishing communities of Pictou County, Cape Breton, Eastern Shore and Guysborough regions. In addition to ignoring...