Nov 30 2015

INVERNESS, NS - Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster is asking the provincial government to expand kidney dialysis at Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital. “Getting kidney dialysis for the hospital was a big win a few years ago,” said MacMaster. “So many people have been able to use the service that it needs to be available more often.”

Currently, kidney dialysis is offered three days each week, but people who cannot receive treatment on those days are...

Nov 30 2015
BARRINGTON NS – Progressive Conservative MLA for Argyle-Barrington Chris d’Entremont is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of the Cape Breton lobster fisherman in District 34 today.
Barrington RCMP have confirmed they are investigating the man’s death.
“My deepest condolences to the Cape Breton man’s family and friends,” said d’Entremont. “Our community...
Nov 13 2015

Provide tax credit to farmers who donate food

HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative MLA Allan MacMaster introduced a bill today that gives a tax credit to farmers who donate agricultural products to food banks.

The Fighting Hunger with Local Food Act provides farmers with a non-refundable tax credit of 25 per cent of the value of the products they donate.

“This is an initiative that both the PC Caucus and the Liberals Caucus have championed in the past,...

Nov 27 2015

Houston wants answers from the Liberal government

HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative MLA for Pictou East, Tim Houston, is looking for answers from the Liberal government on diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease in Nova Scotia.

In Question Period today, Houston raised the issue with the Minister of Health directly. Blacklegged ticks are an issue in Nova Scotia and people are suffering from Lyme disease.

“Lyme disease is on the rise in our province. People,...

Nov 26 2015

New cabinet boardroom cost $75,000

HALIFAX - Progressive Conservative Finance critic, Tim Houston, says it's up to Premier McNeil to explain to Nova Scotians why he thinks it's acceptable to spend almost $75,000 on a boardroom for Liberal Cabinet Ministers, while services for ordinary and vulnerable Nova Scotians continue to be cut.

"The Premier keeps cutting the services Nova Scotians depend on, but then he goes and spends an awful lot of taxpayers’ dollars...

Nov 25 2015

PCs want Premier’s former Chief of Staff to answer questions at committee, Liberals vote no

HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative MLA for Pictou East, Tim Houston, says the Liberals are trying to sweep the McVicar-Younger scandal under the rug, but there are still questions that need answers.

Today, the Liberals used their majority on the Public Accounts Committee to block a PC motion to bring Kirby McVicar before the committee. The resignation of the Premier’s...

Nov 25 2015

Baillie responds to the resignation of Stephen McNeil's Chief of Staff

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie is issuing the following statement on the resignation of Stephen McNeil's Chief of Staff.

“The resignation of the Premier’s Chief of Staff does not remove the cloud of scandal that hangs over the Premier’s office. The Liberals, especially the Premier and his former Chief of Staff, still need to provide answers to the...

Nov 23 2015


HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative House Leader Chris d’Entremont has issued the following statement:

“This morning, the Progressive Conservative Caucus obtained a more fulsome audio recording of the February 12 conversation between the MLA for Dartmouth East and the Premier’s Chief of Staff. The audio file was promptly...

Nov 23 2015

Tories press for honesty from the Premier’s Office

HALIFAX, NS – The Progressive Conservatives have called on the Auditor General to investigate the cloud of scandal that hangs over the Premier’s Office and have made it clear they want Stephen McNeil’s Chief of Staff to appear before a Legislative Committee.

Today, Progressive Conservative House, Leader Chris’ d’Entremont, wrote the Auditor General and asked him to use his powers to...

Nov 20 2015

Liberals refuse to be transparent

HALIFAX, NS –Stephen McNeil and the Liberals refuse to produce documents that would help get to the bottom of the McVicar-Younger scandal.

This morning the Progressive Conservative Caucus brought forward a resolution in the House of Assembly that would compel the Premier to produce all correspondence held in his office and on government servers and electronic devices regarding ongoing discussions between Andrew Younger and Kirby McVicar,...