Jul 29 2014

Another rural business closes doors on McNeil’s watch

SYDNEY RIVER, NS – Progressive Conservative Natural Resources Critic, Alfie MacLeod, says the Liberal government’s failure to develop a long-term fibre strategy has cost rural Nova Scotia 18 more jobs.

Finewood Flooring Limited in Middle River, Nova Scotia has been forced to shut down production after being denied consistent access to essential lumber.  The 32 year old company’s 18 employees are...

Jul 28 2014

INVERNESS, NS- Progressive Conservative MLA for Inverness Allan MacMaster offers his congratulations for the planned startup of LNG Terminal at Strait.

“The jobs that will come with the startup of the Bear Head LNG terminal will be a real help for our local economy,” says MacMaster.

An Australia based company announced an agreement to acquire Bear Head LNG Corporation from Anadarko Petroleum.  The new owners have already developed a gas supply and...

Jul 28 2014

No new lobster tax: Lohr

KENTVILLE, NS –  Progressive Conservative Fisheries critic, John Lohr, says the Liberal Fisheries Minister should do his job and consult industry on the Maritime Lobster Panel recommendations, instead of imposing a new three cent lobster tax on fishermen.

Today, the Minister is trying to backtrack by saying his five cent levy would only be a pilot project...

Jul 28 2014

KENTVILLE, NS –  A report released by the Environment Department is calling for a tax on off-the-road tires, including ATVs, mining equipment and farm tractors. Progressive Conservative Agriculture critic, John Lohr, says the industry can’t afford it.

“Farmers are already having a rough go of it in this economy,” said Lohr. “Imposing new taxes on the farming and...

Jul 25 2014

Fishermen shocked by announcement of 5 cent levy

KENTVILLE, NS –  Progressive Conservative Fisheries and Aquaculture critic John Lohr is asking Minister Colwell to explain the government’s research behind their decision to introduce a five cent per pound levy for the lobster industry.

Yesterday, Lohr asked the Minister to reveal the government’s plan for adopting the...

Jul 25 2014

Farmers missing opportunities to succeed

KENTVILLE, NS – Progressive Conservative Agriculture critic John Lohr is calling on Minister Keith Colwell to explain to farmers the delay his department had in handing out approvals for the Homegrown Success program.

Homegrown Success is government’s 10-year plan for agriculture. Their mandate is to grow the rural economy...

Jul 24 2014

Real action needed now on air quality, sustainable jobs

PICTOU, NS – Pictou West Progressive Conservative MLA Karla MacFarlane says it’s unacceptable for the Liberal government to tell Pictou County residents to wait almost a year for a plan to ensure their air is clean and the environment protected.

“Every day, I hear more residents raise concerns about their health and more local businesses tell me that sales and opportunities are being lost. This is an...

Jul 24 2014

Deadlines are passing and still no action

KENTVILLE, NS – Progressive Conservative Fisheries and Aquaculture critic John Lohr is calling on Minister Colwell to reveal his government’s plan for adopting the recommendations put forward in the Report of the Maritime Lobster Panel.

A key component of the report focuses on instituting a one per cent per pound levy on catches. The levy would then be used towards a lobster marketing fund to promote the...

Jul 23 2014

MacLeod to Premier McNeil
Gas deregulation will hurt rural Nova Scotia

SYDNEY RIVER, NS – Progressive Conservative MLA for Sydney River-Mira-Louisbourg Alfie MacLeod is calling on Premier McNeil to think about rural Nova Scotia when considering gas deregulation.

McNeil announced in late April that his government was considering scrapping gas regulation.

MacLeod is concerned the Liberals are ignoring the fact that deregulation would severely...

Jul 21 2014

MacFarlane to Liberals: Don’t raise bottle tax

HALIFAX, NS –  A report released by the Environment Department calls for higher taxes on beverage bottles, but Progressive Conservative Economic Development and Environment critic Karla MacFarlane says Nova Scotians can’t afford it. 

“Nova Scotia families can’t afford to...