Feb 12 2016

McNeil Government evasive on future of tourism service

PORT HASTINGS, NS – Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster says Stephen McNeil’s evasiveness concerning the future of the province’s Visitor Information Centres may be a sign of another bad budget for rural Nova Scotia.

“Seventy-five thousand people can’t be wrong,” said MacMaster referring to the number of tourists who visited the Port Hastings visitor centre last year. “It’s time for...

Feb 11 2016

Baillie asks Dr. Strang for analysis on health risks

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie wants more information on the health impacts for seniors forced to go without drug coverage because of the Liberals’ dishonest changes to the Seniors’ Pharmacare Program.

This week, Baillie wrote to the province’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Robert Strang asking him to provide a detailed analysis of the public health impacts of seniors...

Feb 10 2016

Botched pharmacare changes leaves seniors at risk

AMHERST, NS - Dr. Brian Ferguson doesn't sugarcoat the life or death consequences of what the McNeil Liberals have done to seniors' pharmacare.

"The changes were too brutal and too quick," he says. "These are real seniors that are going to die when they can't afford their medications."

Dr. Ferguson has been practicing for 34 years. He won Doctors Nova Scotia's 2014 Rural Physician of...

Feb 04 2016

Liberal leader used to think charging GIS recipients a premium was “not fair”

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says Stephen McNeil needs to explain to the seniors receiving GIS payments why he now plans to charge them for participating in the Seniors’ Pharmacare program, even though he said it wasn’t fair in opposition.

During Question Period in the House of Assembly on May 18, 2005, Stephen McNeil took issue...

Feb 02 2016

PCs concerned about status of tour bus bookings

HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative Business critic, John Lohr wants to know the status of tour bus bookings and cancellations for the 2016 Yarmouth ferry season.

"We are concerned and hearing that some tour buses are cancelling their runs to Nova Scotia because there is still no boat," says Lohr. "If these rumours are true and tours are being negatively impacted, the public has a right to know."


Feb 02 2016

PCs demand accountability from Liberal government for dishonesty to seniors

HALIFAX, NS _ Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says Leo Glavine, Minister of Health and Wellness and Minister of Seniors, should be fired for lying to seniors about their pharmacare premiums.

When Glavine announced the pharmacare changes, he touted that 12,000 seniors more seniors would be exempt. It has now been revealed that 14,000 seniors, who hadn't previously paid a premium because...

Feb 01 2016

PC leader wants changes scrapped, says telling the truth about GIS recipients is the least McNeil can do

HALIFAX, NS – If Stephen McNeil refuses to rescind his dishonest changes to the Seniors’ Pharmacare program, the least he can do is come clean about whether those receiving federal GIS payments, like Laurell Hamilton in Joggins, will have to pay premiums. Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says the Liberals are allowing chaos and confusion to reign....

Feb 01 2016

Liberals criticized NDP for breaking 75:25 arrangement in 2013

HALIFAX, NS – When the former NDP government overcharged premiums for the Seniors’ Pharmacare program, Leo Glavine was quick to pounce. 


Jan 29 2016

Liberals reject satellite site

BARRINGTON, NS – Progressive Conservative MLA for Argyle-Barrington, Chris d’Entremont wants the McNeil Liberals  government to reconsider its decision to reject a dialysis satellite site for the Barrington area. 

Yesterday, Health Minister Leo Glavine wrote to the Barrington-CSI Satellite Dialysis Clinic Support Group dismissing their request, saying “it does not align with the provincial planning principles and...

Jan 28 2016

Latest pharmacare debacle again calls Liberals’ competence, integrity into question

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie is condemning the Liberal government for putting its sneaky 19 per cent pharmacare premium hike on the backs of seniors.

This morning, a day later than promised, the Liberal government finally released details of their plan to charge seniors more for the pharmacare program.

Under these new changes, seniors...