Allan MacMaster

Allan MacMaster


Public Accounts Committee Chair

Critic Portfolios:
Community Services
Attorney General and Justice
Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations
Gaelic Affairs
Residential Tenancies Act
Retail Business Closing Act
Human Rights Act
Regulations Act
Aboriginal Affairs



Constituency Office:
15759 Central Avenue
Inverness, Nova Scotia
B0E 1N0
Tel:(902) 258-2216
Fax:(902) 258-3231

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Jul 28 2014

INVERNESS, NS- Progressive Conservative MLA for Inverness Allan MacMaster offers his congratulations for the planned startup of LNG Terminal at Strait.

“The jobs that will come with the startup of the Bear Head LNG terminal will be a real help for our local economy,” says MacMaster.

An Australia based company announced an agreement to acquire Bear Head LNG Corporation from Anadarko Petroleum.  The new owners have already developed a gas supply and...

May 23 2014

Liberals must come clean about their position

INVERNESS, NS – Progressive Conservative Municipal Affairs critic Allan MacMaster says the McNeil Liberals must come clean about any hidden plans to remove the property assessment cap.

“Families and seniors deserve to know now if the Liberals intend to raise their property taxes,” says MacMaster. “This could seriously impact the family budget of people living in rural and coastal communities.”


May 01 2014

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative MLAs and St. Francis Xavier University alumni, Allan MacMaster and Pat Dunn, say the Liberals’ decision to remove the Bishop of the Diocese of Antigonish as the school’s Chancellor was done without broad consultation.

“I can’t imagine why the Liberal government would want to take responsibility for dumping the Bishop,” said MacMaster. “Very few members of the St. FX family are even aware of this...

Apr 29 2014

More than 40 people affected

HALIFAX, NS – Today in the Question Period, Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster asked the Minister responsible for Service Nova Scotia, Mark Furey, about the surprise eviction of residents at the Troy Trailer Court.

The Minister committed to enforcing the law that requires the landlord to give up to 12 months’ notice and government will also help residents file an appeal.

“We learned late yesterday that more than 40 people...

Feb 18 2014
PCs call for expanded ankle bracelet program 
HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative Justice critic Allan MacMaster is calling on the Liberal government to stand up for our most vulnerable and protect our children.
Today, a Halifax music therapist facing charges of accessing, possessing and making available child pornography was released on bail.
An ankle bracelet was not part...
Dec 24 2013

INVERNESS, NS – Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster and Margaree-St. Joseph’s Councillor Gloria LeBlanc were pleased to hear the Crowdis Bridge will be replaced in the New Year. 

The announcement was made as part of the government’s 2014/15 Capital Plan released today.

“This was something very important to the community and something we have been working to secure,” said MacMaster. “This is another win for Inverness County.”


Dec 11 2013

HALIFAX, NS – A resolution by Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster received unanimous support from all parties in the Legislature on Tuesday. It acknowledged the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre as the official Celtic music centre of Nova Scotia.

“The Celtic Music Interpretive Centre is the only one of its' kind in Canada,” said MacMaster. “Celtic music is an important part of our culture, and it is something that people around the world recognize when they think...

Dec 05 2013

HALIFAX, NS – Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster has been named Chair of the Legislature’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts.

“It is the most active committee of the Legislature and is responsible for examining the way taxpayer dollars are spent,” said MacMaster. “After sitting on the Committee for the past four years, I look forward to taking on the role of Chair and holding the government to account for the impact their decisions have on Nova Scotians....

Dec 04 2013
MacMaster backs Taavel family on quest to make Nova Scotia safer
HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Justice critic, Allan MacMaster is calling on the Liberal government to protect people’s safety and expand the ankle bracelet GPS program to monitor potentially dangerous persons.
During Question Period today, the PCs insisted the Liberals move immediately before another tragedy strikes and MacMaster...
Nov 29 2013
HALIFAX, NS - Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster says he is pleased that the new government recognized the importance of Inverness Memorial Consolidated Hospital having its own CT Scanner.
“The communities of Inverness County worked hard to make this happen with petitions, marches and rallies. This was a real achievement for our area and will make a difference in the life of anyone suffering from stroke or acute injury,” said MacMaster.