Allan MacMaster

Allan MacMaster


Public Accounts Committee Chair

Critic Portfolios:
Community Services
Attorney General and Justice
Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations
Gaelic Affairs
Residential Tenancies Act
Retail Business Closing Act
Human Rights Act
Regulations Act
Aboriginal Affairs



Constituency Office:
15759 Central Avenue
Inverness, Nova Scotia
B0E 1N0
Tel:(902) 258-2216
Fax:(902) 258-3231

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Dec 04 2013
MacMaster backs Taavel family on quest to make Nova Scotia safer
HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Justice critic, Allan MacMaster is calling on the Liberal government to protect people’s safety and expand the ankle bracelet GPS program to monitor potentially dangerous persons.
During Question Period today, the PCs insisted the Liberals move immediately before another tragedy strikes and MacMaster...
Nov 29 2013
HALIFAX, NS - Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster says he is pleased that the new government recognized the importance of Inverness Memorial Consolidated Hospital having its own CT Scanner.
“The communities of Inverness County worked hard to make this happen with petitions, marches and rallies. This was a real achievement for our area and will make a difference in the life of anyone suffering from stroke or acute injury,” said MacMaster.
Oct 24 2013

HALIFAX, NS – Today, Cape Breton’s three veteran Progressive Conservative MLAs-elect took the oath of office and were officially sworn-in to their new roles as members of the Official Opposition shadow cabinet.

“It is an honour to have been re-elected and to have the support of my constituents as I look forward to the years ahead,” said Northside-Westmount MLA Eddie Orrell. “As...