Feb 20 2014

Liberals must calm the waters

HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative House Leader Chris d’Entremont says Liberal Economic and Rural Development and Tourism Minister Michel Samson has some explaining to do.

“The Minister must provide clarity,” says d’Entremont of the Yarmouth ferry. “Is the May 1 start date in jeopardy?”


Feb 20 2014

SYDNEY RIVER, NS – Progressive Conservative Natural Resources critic Alfie MacLeod says the Liberals must do  more to permit local coal to be used to generate electricity.

It is reported today that Nova Scotia Power wants ratepayers to pay $6.6 million for coal infrastructure to allow the International Pier in Sydney Harbour to import expensive foreign coal. Meanwhile, the Donkin coal mine site continues to sit idle waiting for a buyer.

“If Nova Scotia Power...

Feb 18 2014
PCs call for expanded ankle bracelet program 
HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative Justice critic Allan MacMaster is calling on the Liberal government to stand up for our most vulnerable and protect our children.
Today, a Halifax music therapist facing charges of accessing, possessing and making available child pornography was released on bail.
An ankle bracelet was not part...
Feb 18 2014
HALIFAX, NS – Leader of the Opposition Jamie Baillie is calling on Premier Stephen McNeil to put Ivany Commission goals in law. 
“Nova Scotia needs leadership, starting at the top, if we are going to turn this province around,” says Baillie.  
Today at the Halifax Chamber, the Liberal Premier said, “You cannot legislate prosperity.” 
Baillie says...
Feb 18 2014
PCs call for action on jobs crisis
PICTOU, NS – Urgent action is needed from the McNeil Liberals to reverse the province's economic crisis says Progressive Conservative Economic and Rural Development and Tourism critic Karla MacFarlane.
“Ducking accountability and the ‘business as usual’ approach is not an option for the McNeil...
Feb 17 2014

SYDNEY, NS - Progressive Conservative whip and MLA for Sydney River – Mira – Louisbourg Alfie MacLeod says it’s three strikes you’re out for Liberal MLA Pam Eyking, chair of the Veterans Committee.

Today MacLeod called for Eyking to resign as chair and step aside for another MLA committed to the cause.

“She was MIA when the veterans needed her most,” says MacLeod.  “Her sudden interest in veterans’ issues is all political...

Feb 14 2014

The following is an op-ed piece from Jamie Baillie, leader of the Opposition and leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia.

As Leader of the Opposition, I want to express our strong support for the Ivany Commission recommendations. Nova Scotia is at an urgent crossroad; we face either a long and slow decline or a renewed and more prosperous future. As a political leader and as a father, I choose the bright future we all desire for our province. So let’...

Feb 13 2014
Services for veterans a priority for PC MLAs
HALIFAX, NS – Sydney River-Mira-Louisbourg MLA Alfie MacLeod says the McNeil Liberals' sudden interest in veterans’ issues is all political speak and no action.
It is finally convenient for Liberal MLA for Victoria-the-Lakes and Chair of the Veteran Affairs committee, Pam Eyking to host her first committee meeting today.
Feb 11 2014
PCs call on Liberals to balance the budget
HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie and members of the PC Caucus are calling on the McNeil Liberals to stop the debt clock and balance the budget now.
Tomorrow, the Auditor General’s January Report is on the agenda at the standing committee on public accounts.
FACT: According to the Auditor General's January...
Feb 11 2014
Assessments skyrocket due to "water views", even for cemeteries
HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says it's time to stop punishing taxpayers and reign in the Property Valuation Services Corporation.
"Nova Scotians are tapped out. They deserve protection from these sudden increases. That is what the assessment cap is meant to do,” says Baillie. “The Liberals must...