Feb 14 2014

The following is an op-ed piece from Jamie Baillie, leader of the Opposition and leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia.

As Leader of the Opposition, I want to express our strong support for the Ivany Commission recommendations. Nova Scotia is at an urgent crossroad; we face either a long and slow decline or a renewed and more prosperous future. As a political leader and as a father, I choose the bright future we all desire for our province. So let’...

Feb 13 2014
Services for veterans a priority for PC MLAs
HALIFAX, NS – Sydney River-Mira-Louisbourg MLA Alfie MacLeod says the McNeil Liberals' sudden interest in veterans’ issues is all political speak and no action.
It is finally convenient for Liberal MLA for Victoria-the-Lakes and Chair of the Veteran Affairs committee, Pam Eyking to host her first committee meeting today.
Feb 11 2014
PCs call on Liberals to balance the budget
HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie and members of the PC Caucus are calling on the McNeil Liberals to stop the debt clock and balance the budget now.
Tomorrow, the Auditor General’s January Report is on the agenda at the standing committee on public accounts.
FACT: According to the Auditor General's January...
Feb 11 2014
Assessments skyrocket due to "water views", even for cemeteries
HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says it's time to stop punishing taxpayers and reign in the Property Valuation Services Corporation.
"Nova Scotians are tapped out. They deserve protection from these sudden increases. That is what the assessment cap is meant to do,” says Baillie. “The Liberals must...
Feb 10 2014

Rates hiked twice while Emera reports increased profits
HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says the McNeil Liberals are protecting Emera’s shareholders rather than ratepayers.
Emera released their earnings from 2013, which shows an increase in profit from Nova Scotia Power of nearly $3 million. Baillie says it’s a tough pill for many to swallow when Nova Scotians faced back-to-back increases already...

Feb 06 2014

HALIFAX, NS – Official Opposition leader Jamie Baillie says Stephen McNeil’s first budget will be the moment of truth for the Liberals.

“Are they committed to balancing the books or will they condemn Nova Scotia to more debt and excuses,” Baillie asks. “We can’t afford the failed policies of the past. The cost of doing nothing is too great.”

Tomorrow, the Liberals will kick off pre-budget consultations. Baillie says the pre-budget spin...

Feb 03 2014

Liberals fire FOIPOP officer without notice

HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie is asking what the McNeil Liberals are trying to hide with its surprise decision to fire the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPOP) Review Officer.

"This position is key to providing open and transparent government. At a time when privacy concerns are rising here at home and around the world, the McNeil Liberals want to get their hands on...

Jan 31 2014

Baillie: McNeil pulls 180 on gas tax double-dipping

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says the McNeil Liberals must act now and stop charging the tax-on-tax for gasoline.

In Nova Scotia, 25.5 cents of taxes are built into the price of each litre of gasoline. The HST is then charged on top of that, a practice that Baillie says is immoral and must stop.

“Nova Scotians need relief at the pumps,” said Baillie. ...

Jan 30 2014

HALIFAX, NS - Today, at the Halifax Club luncheon, Premier Stephen McNeil suggested his government is not prepared to come to the financial rescue of Pictou County pulp mill, Northern Pulp. 

Despite the Premier’s statements, conflicting media reports show the McNeil Liberals may be playing fast and loose with the truth.  The Liberals have yet to confirm whether or not the mill has actually asked for a bailout.

Natural Resources Minister, Zach Churchill, said the...

Jan 30 2014

HALIFAX, NS - Today at the Halifax Club, Liberal Premier Stephen McNeil spoke about the future of Boat Harbour, a contaminated treatment pond in Pictou County.

What the Premier failed to mention is that according to the Auditor General, new accounting standards force the government to include liability for contaminated sites in its upcoming budget.

Report of the Auditor General January 2014,...