Oct 02 2014

Statement from Karla MacFarlane regarding Women's History Month

I am honoured to rise in my place to as our Caucus’ Status of Women critic to talk about the important contributions of women in our province and to celebrate Women’s History Month.

This month is dedicated to celebrating the long line of Nova Scotian women who have fought for full equality, at home, in the workplace and in public life.

I believe we need more women’s...

Oct 02 2014

Orrell questions when Torquil MacLean ferry will be back in Englishtown

HALIFAX, NS – This week in Question Period, the McNeil Liberals refused to answer when the Torquil MacLean ferry would be back in Englishtown.

According to the press release from the government in mid-July, the ferry would be in dry dock for scheduled repairs for 10 weeks. The 10 weeks are up, but there is still no sign of the ferry coming back to Englishtown. The tender for the refit was awarded at $...

Oct 01 2014

It is a true honour to have the opportunity to recognize Treaty Day today and mark the beginning of Mi’kmaq History month.
As the Premier said, the tradition of recognizing October 1st as Treaty Day began in 1986 by proclamation of Grand Chief Donald Marshall Senior. It is a time when all Nova Scotians can recognize the many important contributions made by Mi’kmaq people –contributions that have helped to shape our province and to strengthen Nova Scotia...

Oct 01 2014

 Liberals continue to neglect small businesses in Nova Scotia 

HALIFAX, NS – Today in the Legislature, Progressive Conservative MLA for Pictou East, Tim Houston,...
Oct 01 2014

HALIFAX, NS – The McNeil Liberals on the House of Assembly’s Law Amendments committee have rejected a Progressive Conservative proposal to ensure rural Nova Scotians have a say in health care delivery.

Progressive Conservative Health critic Chris d’Entremont today moved a constructive amendment to Bill 1 that would create three District Health Authorities – one for the capital district and one for the rest of Nova Scotia, plus the IWK Centre for Children, Women...

Jul 04 2014

PICTOU, NS - Progressive Conservative MLA for Pictou East, Tim Houston, is concerned that the Liberal government’s attitude and red tape are choking small business start-ups.

Jacinthe Bennett, whose business JiggyJava has been serving Pictou County residents for over 12 years, wanted to set up a mobile canteen at the Melmerby Beach this summer. Unfortunately, this won't be happening. She took the initiative to reach out to the Department of Natural...

Sep 30 2014

d‎'Entremont urges Liberals divide bill for proper debate

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Health critic Chris d’Entremont says the McNeil Liberals’ Health Authorities Act should be divided in order to allow proper debate of the issues.

d’Entremont presented a resolution in the Legislature today calling on the McNeil Liberals to split the Bill and consider the amalgamation of health authorities separately from labour relations.


Sep 29 2014

PCs bring forward legislation to protect the environment and create jobs

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Pictou West MLA, Karla MacFarlane, says people in Nova Scotia should not have to choose between clean air and good jobs.

Today in the Legislature, MacFarlane, the PC Economic Development critic and the PC Environment critic, will introduce the Clean Air Act and the Tax-Free Zone for Small Business Act.

I want to see steps taken to make...

Sep 28 2014

HALIFAX, NS - ‎The Progressive Conservatives are encouraging Nova Scotians to add their name to the growing list of people who oppose the McNeil Liberals' plans for a four-day workweek for MLAs.

"We need the House of Assembly focused on ways to rebuild our economy and create jobs, not on ways to give MLAs more time off," said Progressive Conservative House Leader Chris d'Entremont....
Sep 26 2014

d’Entremont calls on Liberals to support changes

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative House leader Chris d’Entremont is calling on all MLAs to support a more open and productive House of Assembly.

Today in the Legislature, d’Entremont introduced a resolution to make the House of Assembly more responsive to Nova Scotians.

“We want to see improvements to the rules that would make the House dealings more accessible and relevant to Nova...