Jun 20 2014

Cooperation between federal and municipal governments applauded

KENTVILLE, NS –John Lohr, PC MLA for Kings North  was pleased to welcome Greg Kerr, MP for West Nova to Canning today.

Kerr was in the village to announce funding to cover the cost of updated sewers and new sidewalks. 

“It’s great to see this investment in infrastructure improvements for our community,” Lohr said. “It’s a direct result of cooperation between the...

Jun 20 2014

Again, hiding most senior civil servant

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Tourism critic Karla MacFarlane says the Liberals just don’t get how to fix the tainted Bluenose II restoration project.

This morning, Premier Stephen McNeil's office said Deputy Minister Dave Darrow will speak about Bluenose II "but not today."

“This is turning out to be nothing but another Liberal shell game,” says MacFarlane. “There are a lot of...

Jun 20 2014

Calls on Liberals to ensure the networks are effective

WESTVILLE, NS – Pictou East Progressive Conservative MLA Tim Houston is calling on the McNeil Liberals to make sure the Province gets value-for-money from the Regional Enterprise Networks (REN) and particularly those involving communities in the Northern Region.

"Given the jobs crisis we are facing in Pictou County, we must use every available tool to our advantage. This includes establishing an effective REN,...

Jun 19 2014

Liberals continue to evade accountability on Bluenose II

HALIFAX, NS – Today, the Liberals continued to talk out of both sides of their mouths when it comes to who should answer questions concerning the tainted Bluenose II project.

With Premier McNeil out of the country, the Liberals continued to bob and weave today in an effort to evade questions about the spiraling cost of the Bluenose II restoration project.  When questioned by reporters about the...

Jun 18 2014

Liberals vote down motion for Premier, Deputy to answer for cost overruns and delays

HALIFAX, NS - The Bluenose II may not be in the water, but the project certainly is adrift.

Today at the Public Accounts Committee meeting, the Liberals again voted down a Progressive Conservative motion to bring the premier and his deputy minister before the committee to answer questions about the Bluenose II. 

"The premier is obviously comfortable passing the buck," says...

Jun 18 2014

Baillie calls for studies into Springhill finances, resources and citizen input

SPRINGHILL, NS – Cumberland South MLA, Jamie Baillie, says residents should have official input in the decision to dissolve the Town of Springhill.

Today, Baillie voiced his constituents’ concerns during the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board public hearing on the future of Springhill.

“Springhillers want their say in this important decision,” said...

Jun 17 2014

Houston wants McNeil and Darrow at special Public Accounts Committee

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative MLA Tim Houston says if Premier McNeil is determined to let Deputy Minister Kellianne Dean take the heat for the Bluenose II, he should at least show some leadership and sit beside her.

Deputy Minister Dean is scheduled to appear before the Public Accounts Committee tomorrow, June 18, even though the Premier put his own Deputy Minister, Dave Darrow in charge of the...

Jun 17 2014

Dunn to Casey: Commit to a value-for-money audit

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Education critic Pat Dunn says the McNeil Liberals should suspend funding for courses until an audit can be done, with the results made public.

Earlier this year, Education Minister Karen Casey approved  $3.8 million a year in salary increases for teachers who take inferior courses via correspondence. Casey re-committed the Liberal government to the approvals...

Jun 16 2014

Prosperity through innovation

KENTVILLE, NS – Nuffield International will be holding their triennial conference in Nova Scotia this year.

Throughout June 15-18, various events will be held in Halifax and the Annapolis Valley. The conference will conduct tours of numerous farming operations ranging from herb production to diverse horticulture farms, dairy and wine production.

There will also be points of interest ranging from fair trade coffee producers to large...

Jun 13 2014


Effective today, June 13, the PC Caucus will no longer accept funding for MLA Chuck Porter.

 Caucus Chair Pat Dunn wrote to the Speaker’s Office this afternoon to inform them of the adjustment.