Aug 11 2014

SYDNEY, NS – Due to the serious infection that led to his hospitalization, Sydney River - Mira - Louisbourg MLA Alfie MacLeod has undergone surgery to remove his left foot.

He is doing well and expected to make a full recovery.

“I want to thank my constituents for their patience during this time. Everyone’s kind words of support and encouragement have been very uplifting. I am committed to a full recovery and resuming my MLA duties as soon as possible....

Aug 09 2014

PC Caucus Statement: Alfie MacLeod hospitalized with serious infection

SYDNEY, NS - Sydney River - Mira - Louisbourg MLA Alfie MacLeod wishes to advise his constituents that he has been hospitalized with a serious infection. 

"I am committed to a full recovery and resuming my MLA duties as soon as possible, but for now, my health and my family must come first. It's a great honour to represent the people of Sydney River - Mira -Louisbourg. My...

Aug 08 2014

Orrell calls on Furey to “get off his hands and do something”

NORTHY SYDNEY, NS – Progressive Conservative MLA Eddie Orrell says Municipal Affairs Minister Mark Furey needs to get off his hands and do something to speed up the approval of local infrastructure projects in CBRM.

Today, Minister Furey and his entourage visited Cape Breton only to dictate to the municipality that they would have to resubmit traffic counts in order for their projects to be...

Aug 08 2014

HRM loses 1,500, province loses 6,700 in the last year

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Economic Development critic Karla MacFarlane is concerned about staggering job losses across Nova Scotia.

Statistics Canada data released today show that 6,700 jobs have been lost in the last year. Nova Scotia has the largest drop of all provinces, with -1.5 per cent. Halifax has 1,500 fewer jobs than last year, which represents the largest decrease in metro jobs, year over year...

Aug 08 2014

More metro job losses a distinct possibility

HALIFAX, NS – Jamie Baillie, Leader of the official Opposition, is calling on Premier McNeil to bring the oneNS Coalition together now to develop a plan to deal with potential job losses at Bell Aliant following its takeover by BCE.

The company intends to cut $100 million from operations, but has not released whether Nova Scotia jobs will be impacted.

Earlier this week, Baillie and Acting Leader of the NDP, Maureen...

Aug 08 2014

Liberals missing key recommended deadlines

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Fisheries and Aquaculture critic John Lohr is once again calling on Minister Keith Colwell to reveal a solid action plan with respect to the future of the lobster marketing levy.

Prince Edward Island continues to lead the way in adopting the recommendations of the panel. On Wednesday,...

Aug 07 2014

PC MLA to Premier: Answer warranty questions and tell taxpayers if they’ll be paying even more

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Tourism critic Karla MacFarlane says the government’s decision to bring the Bluenose II into taxpayers’ possession only days after receiving a damning report that identified 57 problems with the vessel is another example of incompetent Liberal decision-making.

“The Liberals knew full well the many problems with the...

Aug 06 2014

Orrell to Cape Breton Liberals: Tell McNeil Government to Get to Work

NORTHY SYDNEY, NS – Northside-Westmount’s Progressive Conservative MLA Eddie Orrell says that while Cape Breton Liberals are doing their best to make others appear responsible for the lag in approving local construction projects, the blame lies squarely at their own feet.

After working appropriately through the New Building Canada Fund, CBRM has been waiting patiently for several major...

Aug 05 2014

We need action-not more study
Growing debt and job losses are linked

The following is an op-ed piece from Jamie Baillie, leader of the Opposition and leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia.

“We can’t afford to stay here, and those that are working away can’t afford to come back!”

This is how one frustrated mom put it to me recently. Too many of us see our own extended families in this one...

Aug 01 2014

Houston: Every Nova Scotian on the hook for $15,700 and counting

HALIFAX – Progressive Conservative Finance Critic, Tim Houston, says the Liberal government’s failure to balance our provincial budget means Nova Scotians are even further away from seeing meaningful debt reduction.

Nova Scotia is now $14.8 billion dollars in debt – over $15,700 per Nova Scotian, up from $14,800 in 2013.

After nearly 30 minutes of media questioning on yesterday’s...