Apr 21 2015

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative MLA for Argyle Barrington and Fisheries critic Chris d’Entremont says every time Liberal Minister Keith Colwell tries to provide clarity on the lobster levy, he ends up creating more chaos and confusion. There is also concern that the Minister will try to impose contributions by industry and enforce it, something he could not find consensus for.

Among specific concerns in the legislation is how the Minister intends to define what...

Apr 17 2015

Baillie tables petition with 4,592 signatures

HALIFAX, NS – Today in the Legislature, Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie tabled a petition with 4,592 signatures calling on the McNeil Liberals to fix the film tax credit today.

The petition calls on the Premier and the Minister of Finance to establish, in collaboration with the Nova Scotia Film Industry, a workable Film Industry Tax credit that will stabilize and preserve the industry while ensuring a fair cost...

Apr 16 2015

Broken promises damaging to our economy

HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative Natural Resources critic and MLA for Pictou West, Pat Dunn, is concerned the McNeil Liberals’ broken fuel-tax rebate promise will put more rural jobs in the mining industry at risk.

Last May, Finance Minister Diana Whalen wrote to the Mining Association of Nova Scotia (MANS) informing them that they would see the...

Apr 16 2015

NSLC planning to repeat $141,000 management conference in 2015, in spite of Premier’s tough talk

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative MLA for Pictou East, Tim Houston, is demanding action from Liberal Minister Diana Whalen on unjustifiable spending of $141,000 of taxpayers’ money for a NSLC Management Training Conference.

According to documents obtained by the Progressive Conservatives, a 2013 “training session” held at Digby Pines Resort,...

Apr 15 2015

MacFarlane calls on Education Minister to support hub school model for River John

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative MLA for Pictou West, Karla MacFarlane, wants Minister of Education Karen Casey to support a hub school model for River John.

Yesterday, during Question Period, MacFarlane asked the Liberal Minister if she’s taken the time to look at the presentations of the Support Our School (SOS) Committee. The Minister refused...

Apr 15 2015

MacLeod concerned Cape Bretoners are at risk

HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative MLA for Sydney River-Mira-Louisbourg, Alfie MacLeod, says the decision by the Liberal government to break its malpractice rebate promise for obstetricians is causing serious healthcare concerns for Cape Breton women.

Yesterday during Question Period, MacLeod questioned the Minister of Health and Wellness, Leo Glavine, on how he could allow his department to make such an incompetent decision. Six...

Apr 15 2015

Baillie calls on Premier to work it out

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says the McNeil government’s incompetent handling of the film industry is an attack on rural Nova Scotia jobs.

Andre Fiske, of Lockeport, Nova Scotia, was the head carpenter on the set of Haven, season five, and assistant head carpenter on the previous four seasons.

Fiske started his career in Nova Scotia’s film industry in 1994 on the set of the...

Apr 14 2015

Obstetricians resign in Sydney, Antigonish, Truro and Yarmouth

HALIFAX, NS -  Chris d’Entremont, Progressive Conservative Health and Wellness critic says the Liberal government is playing games with women’s health care in rural areas and throwing healthcare into further crisis.

On April 1st, the McNeil Liberals broke their promise to reimburse malpractice insurance fees under the Nova Scotia Physician Master Agreement. Obstetricians were notified by email that...

Apr 09 2015

Liberal budget includes hidden $60 million tax increase

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says today’s budget from the McNeil government is a missed opportunity. 

“The Premier promised change, but delivered the status quo,” said Baillie. “Once again, the Liberal government has decided to rely on increasing taxes, rather than making the changes Nova Scotians were told to expect.”

Budget facts:

Apr 07 2015

Baillie calls for service standards for Nova Scotia Power

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie is calling on the McNeil Liberals to hold Nova Scotia Power accountable for providing better service to ratepayers.

Today in the Legislature, Tim Houston, PC Energy critic, introduced a bill to impose service standards on Nova Scotia Power and make them earn their profits.

“The McNeil government must put service standards in place that would...