Dec 19 2013

Unethical deficits just pass problem to our children

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Finance critic Tim Houston says if the Liberals use a budget deficit as an excuse to do nothing and maintain the status quo, then they are no better than the previous NDP government.

The Liberals will unveil their first 2013-14 budget forecast update tomorrow and it’s expected they will continue the NDP pattern of unethical borrowing practice of, “asking future...

Dec 17 2013

PICTOU, NS – The first sitting of the 62nd General Assembly concluded last week in a wake of success as Progressive Conservative MLAs Pat Dunn, Tim Houston and Karla MacFarlane brought Pictou County issues to the forefront.

Pictou Centre MLA and PC Education critic, Pat Dunn, focused on improving apprenticeship programs that give young Nova Scotians an opportunity to learn from experienced workers, launch new careers and help stimulate our economy. “This is clearly an...

Dec 16 2013

TUSKET, NS – Argyle-Barrington MLA Chris d’Entremont says important issues facing Nova Scotia families remain unaddressed as the Legislature concluded its fall sitting.
“Power rates are already sky-high and in January they’re going to be jacked up another three per cent,” said d’Entremont, the Progressive Conservative Energy critic. “The Liberals may have used their majority to wrap up the Legislature, but more work was needed to...

Dec 16 2013

KENTVILLE, NS – Kings North MLA John Lohr presented a petition in the Legislature last week calling on the government to address the lack of high speed internet access in areas of rural Kings County.
“High speed internet access is something that most Kings County residents take for granted but in rural areas, it’s a luxury they still don’t have,” said Lohr. “Residents and businesses in rural Kings County are at a disadvantage and it...

Dec 13 2013

RFP to be issued in early 2014

SYDNEY, NS - Sydney River-Mira-Louisbourg MLA Alfie MacLeod obtained a commitment from the government this week that an RFP would be out early in 2014 to remove the wreck of the MV Miner off Scaterie Island.

Since the freighter went aground in September 2011, attempts to remove it have resulted in a blame-game that has gone nowhere. However, MacLeod says he is cautiously optimistic.

"Before, all we had were hollow platitudes...

Dec 12 2013
HALIFAX, NS - The first legislative sitting of the new Liberal government came to a close today with little done to tackle the major issues facing Nova Scotians, says Opposition leader Jamie Baillie. 
“People are struggling to make ends meet. There are too few jobs. People are moving away,” says Baillie. “We need major changes to the way the province is run, but so far nothing has changed.” 
Dec 12 2013
Link must be maintained, kept clear
HALIFAX, NS - Cumberland South MLA Jamie Baillie says the Cobequid Pass is an important transit link that deserves the attention of the Transportation Minister.
Today in Question Period, Baillie got commitment from the Minister to review the amount of snow clearing equipment available to clear the Cobequid Pass and alternate routes through the Wentworth valley.
Dec 11 2013

Facility already built to handle patients
HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Health critic Chuck Porter says there is an opportunity to use Stadacona Hospital to shorten wait times.
As of October 3, 2013 there are 949 hip replacement patients and 2,381 knee replacement patients waiting for surgery, however, the Stadacona Hospital is scheduled to close in March 2014. Porter believes there is an opportunity for the government to use...

Dec 11 2013

HALIFAX, NS – A resolution by Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster received unanimous support from all parties in the Legislature on Tuesday. It acknowledged the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre as the official Celtic music centre of Nova Scotia.

“The Celtic Music Interpretive Centre is the only one of its' kind in Canada,” said MacMaster. “Celtic music is an important part of our culture, and it is something that people around the world recognize when they think...

Dec 06 2013

2,400 jobs lost in the last year

HALIFAX, NS –  New numbers released by Statistics Canada today show that Nova Scotia has 2,400 fewer jobs and 2,600 fewer people in the labour force than this time last year.

Progressive Conservative leader Jamie...