Mar 06 2014

Pictou job losses not a priority for Liberal government

HALIFAX – Liberal Chair of the Economic Development Committee Joachim Stroink has rejected an emergency meeting of the committee in Pictou County next week.

“This is ridiculous,” says Karla MacFarlane, Progressive Conservative committee member. “We have a crisis on our hands and the Liberals are sitting on theirs.”

The PCs and the NDP voted in favour of a motion to have an emergency...

Mar 04 2014

Statement from Cumberland South MLA Jamie Baillie:

"The decision by council to dissolve the town of Springhill ‎is no doubt an emotional and difficult one.
The people of Springhill have faced...
Mar 03 2014

PICTOU – Pictou’s Progressive Conservative MLAs Karla MacFarlane, Tim Houston and Pat Dunn are devastated to learn Michelin Canada is slowing production of its manufacturing facility in Granton, effectively eliminating 500 jobs from the community.

Karla MacFarlane of Pictou West says she’s sickened by the news and wants to be part of the solution to turn Pictou’s economy around.

“I know how hard these employees work and it’s crushing to see...

Mar 03 2014

"I am saddened by the devastating news about the loss of 500 important jobs at the Michelin plant in Granton.

My heart goes out to the hundreds of families that will be affected by these job reductions. It will also be hard for all Nova Scotians to watch, as more good paying jobs are lost.

As the Ivany Report points out, our province is at a critical crossroads. We must get the fundamentals right. We simply cannot stand by while jobs and families leave our province for...

Mar 01 2014

HALIFAX – Opposition Leader Jamie Baillie says today's bill directed at Home Support Workers is yet another Liberal band-aid.

"Real change is needed to the way our health system operates," says Baillie.  “The Ivany Report calls for real 'game changers' to fix the way Nova Scotia works and we believe in that."

Baillie says the PC caucus can't support another band-aid scheme, cobbled together on the eve of another crisis in health...

Feb 28 2014
Will introduce legislation to make healthcare an essential service, once and for all
HALIFAX, NS – Today, the PC Caucus will introduce legislation to protect vulnerable people and provide a fair resolution to contract disputes that avoids any service disruption.
Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says home care services should be available to all seniors who need them.  
Feb 26 2014

Collaborative Partnership Network working to maintain employment levels in Nova Scotia

HALIFAX, NS – The Liberal government is playing politics with hundreds of hardworking Nova Scotians with disabilities says Progressive Conservative MLA Chris d’Entremont.

“The Liberals have a responsibility to protect our most vulnerable workers, not use them to battle funding arrangements with Ottawa,” says d’Entremont.

On March 31, an employer support...

Feb 26 2014

Recall Legislature before people are put at risk

HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie is calling on Premier McNeil to bring back the legislature to protect vulnerable seniors before they are put at risk, not after.

“As the home-support workers edge closer to their strike, families are increasingly worried about their loved ones,” says Baillie. “The Liberals have a choice to make. They can act now to assure people they will be protected,...

Feb 21 2014

WINDSOR, NS - Progressive Conservative Health critic Chuck Porter is calling on the McNeil Liberals to reform Nova Scotia’s healthcare retail food services industry and recapture millions of healthcare dollars.

Today, the Capital District Health Authority took a big step forward, replacing a money-losing Tim Horton’s with a life-saving dialysis unit...

Feb 20 2014

Liberals must calm the waters

HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative House Leader Chris d’Entremont says Liberal Economic and Rural Development and Tourism Minister Michel Samson has some explaining to do.

“The Minister must provide clarity,” says d’Entremont of the Yarmouth ferry. “Is the May 1 start date in jeopardy?”