Apr 23 2014

HALIFAX, NS – The House of Assembly debated Lunenburg Liberal MLA Suzanne Lohnes-Croft’s inaction on the important Bluenose II restoration file yesterday.

The debate was sparked by a resolution from the Progressive Conservative Caucus calling on Lohnes-Croftt to urge her Liberal cabinet colleagues to come clean with answers about the status of the restoration.

For weeks, Progressive Conservative MLAs have been asking why the project is over budget and delayed, but...

Apr 23 2014
Premier loses temper in Question Period
HALIFAX, NS - Today in Question Period, Premier McNeil lost his temper and confidence in his Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage on the Bluenose II file. 
The Premier intercepted questions to Minister Ince, but still failed to provide any answers. 
"I couldn't believe it," says Progressive Conservative MLA Karla...
Apr 22 2014

PCs introduce Next Generation Act

HALIFAX –Opposition Leader Jamie Baillie wants to protect future generations of Nova Scotians by making their needs a priority on all government decision making.

Today in the House of Assembly, Baillie introduced the Next Generation Act. The act requires the government to evaluate and report on the long-term impact of its decisions.


Apr 11 2014

Opposition Leader Jamie Baillie is frustrated that the McNeil Liberals are playing deceptive shell games with power ratepayers.

On Monday, the Liberals claimed to remove the Efficiency NS tax from power bills, only to have it revealed that Nova Scotia Power will recover the funds from ratepayers at a later date.

“The Liberal...

Apr 10 2014
Statement from Opposition leader Jamie Baillie about the sudden passing of Jim Flaherty
HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie was shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden passing of a friend and colleague, Honourable James Michael “Jim” Flaherty. 
“I had the honour and the privilege of meeting Mr. Flaherty on a number of occasions and was always struck by how warm, generous,...
Apr 03 2014
Bigger government, more taxes… Liberals first 
HALIFAX, NS – Ballooning administration, skyrocketing expenses and an ever-growing debt are the low points of the post-election Liberal agenda.
“This is already an expensive year for families,” says Opposition leader Jamie Baillie. “We are each expected to pay $200 more in tax than we did last year, while the Liberals go on their costly...
Apr 01 2014

Statement from Opposition leader Jamie Baillie:

“The news of Bridgetown’s dissolution is further proof rural Nova Scotia is facing a crisis. Major changes are needed to how our province is managed.

The immediate concern of the Progressive Conservative Caucus during this time of transition‎ is making sure families in Bridgetown are treated fairly by the provincial government. Political leaders of all stripes must treat this most recent amalgamation application as...

Apr 01 2014

Statement from Opposition leader Jamie Baillie

“Today, the PC Caucus is standing up for patients and their families.

The position we've taken today, is the same one I took upon assuming the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia. We respect the right of healthcare workers to bargain collectively with their employers, but we know there will not always be agreement. When talks break down and an impasse is reached, a form of binding arbitration should come...

Mar 31 2014

Balanced budget should be law

PCs introduce Balanced Budget Act

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Finance critic Tim Houston says the McNeil Liberals should have a legal obligation to balance Nova Scotia’s budget.

Today, the PCs introduced the Balanced Budget Act to once again require government - by law - to balance the province's budget. In 2009, the NDP immediately scrapped the balanced budget law upon taking office and went on to...

Mar 31 2014

Porter repeats plea for jersey barriers

WINDSOR, NS - Another serious car accident on Highway 101 has Hants West MLA Chuck Porter once again calling on the Liberals to install jersey barriers. 

On Saturday, a woman was critically injured in a head-on crash on the dangerous section of Highway 101 near Falmouth.

"My heart goes out to the woman and her family," says Porter, who is a former paramedic. "It's time for action. I don't want to see...