Mar 27 2015

MacMaster credits hard work of past sexual abuse survivors

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative MLA for Inverness and Justice critic Allan MacMaster credits the tireless efforts of Bob Martin and his fellow survivors for winning a historic fight for justice against sexual predators in Nova Scotia.

Today, in the House of Assembly, an amendment to the Limitation of Actions Act finally passed. This bill,...

Mar 26 2015

d’Entremont to Glavine: Barrington Passage needs a dialysis unit

HALIFAX, NS – Today during Question Period, Progressive Conservative MLA for Argyle Barrington and Health critic Chris d’Entremont asked if the McNeil government plans to establish a dialysis unit in Barrington Passage.

“People in this community face the real possibility of renal failure,” d’Entremont said. “Will the Minister commit to helping my residents...

Mar 26 2015

User fee is just a fancy word for tax: Stephen McNeil in 2008 

HALIFAX, NS – On the first day of the spring sitting of the Nova Scotia legislature, the McNeil Liberals have saddled Nova Scotians with 1400 tax increases in the form of higher user fees.

According to a report tabled today by the Liberals, fees on fishing licenses, snowmobiles, hunting courses, home care, environmental assessments and ferries will all be increasing this year.

In 2008, Liberal...

Mar 24 2015

Six months of ER closures unacceptable     

SHELBURNE, NS – Progressive Conservative MLA for Argyle-Barrington and Health critic Chris d’Entremont is calling on Minister Glavine to provide real solutions to deal with the Emergency Room closures at Roseway Hospital in Shelburne.

d’Entremont spoke at the Roseway Hospital community meeting earlier this evening.

“People in this community feel the McNeil government has...

Mar 25 2015

Baillie calls on McNeil to rule it out

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie says a Liberal carbon tax will jack up power rates, causing serious hardship for families and businesses.

Using the BC model, the carbon tax on a tonne of coal ranges from $53.31 to $63.31. Nova Scotia Power uses about 2.5 million tonnes of coal per year. The BC carbon tax would increase the cost of electricity by a minimum of $130 million, forcing at least a 10 per cent...

Mar 25 2015

MacFarlane pleased Liberals finally chose not to tax books


HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative MLA for Pictou West Karla MacFarlane is relieved that the Liberal government has finally chosen to reject a tax on books.

Today, the Minister of Finance, Diana Whalen addressed the Halifax Chamber of Commerce. She confirmed that she will not be increasing tax on literacy.

“Adding a tax to books...

Mar 25 2015

First order of business should be amendment to Limitation of Actions Act

HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative Justice Critic Allan MacMaster says the first order of business when the House of Assembly resumes should be to show that Nova Scotia stands up for survivors instead of protecting predators.

The House of Assembly resumes tomorrow, March 26 in Halifax. Survivor and advocate Bob Martin will be at the legislature tomorrow.

“The Liberals should start this...

Mar 25 2015

Houston calls on Liberals to come clean with Nova Scotians

HALIFAX - Progressive Conservative MLA Tim Houston says the Liberals must tell Nova Scotains how many times their private and personal information has been compromised.

Houston will be asking this important question today at Public Accounts committee.

“Every day Nova Scotians hand over their most confidential and private information to the government,” says Houston. “They should know how their...

Mar 24 2015

PC MLAs concerned about new report recommendations

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Environment critic Karla MacFarlane says small business operators and farmers should brace themselves for increased costs and fees at the hands of the McNeil Liberals.

Today, Environment Minister Randy DeLorey released a report on his department’s solid waste regulation consultation process. The report speaks positively of Extended Producer Responsibility, a form of product...

Mar 23 2015

Victim waited three days for rape kit 

PICTOU, NS - Progressive Conservative MLA Karla MacFarlane says making sexual assault victims wait three days for a rape kit is unacceptable. She is calling on the Liberals to update Nova Scotians on what steps have been taken to implement the Sexual Violence Strategy.

Today, the CBC is reporting that a...