Chris d'Entremont

Chris d'Entremont


House Leader

Critic Portfolios:
Emergency Management
Utility and Review Board
Acadian Affairs
Communications Nova Scotia
Elections Act
Gaming and Control Act Part I

House of Assembly Management Committee


Constituency Office:
PO Box 94
Tusket, NS B0W 3M0
Tel:(902) 648-2020
Fax:(902) 648-2001


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Nov 27 2014

Younger, Liberals failing to deliver on promises of rate relief and jobs

HALIFAX, NS - Progressive Conservative Energy critic Chris d'Entremont wants to know what Premier McNeil is going to do about his Energy Minister's recent missteps. 

Questions have been swirling regarding the competence of the Premier's cabinet and recent events prove the Energy Minister is no exception.

"‎The Minister is making a mess of energy policy in the province and...

Nov 25 2014

PC Energy critic wants Premier to stop saying no to ways to create jobs

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Energy critic Chris d’Entremont says Liberal Premier McNeil’s trip to Alberta to discuss attracting energy companies to invest in Canada is laughable, hot off the heels of the incompetent Liberal ban on shale gas development in Nova Scotia.

Liberal Premier Stephen McNeil says one of the reasons he is in Edmonton today is to meet with Alberta Premier...

Oct 21 2014

PC MLA says Premier’s angry diversion tactics won’t stop him from defending Southwest Nova Scotia

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative MLA Chris d’Entremont says the Premier’s angry diversion tactics won’t stop him from standing up for taxpayers and fighting for a sustainable ferry service between Yarmouth and Maine.

After a heated exchange with the Premier, d’Entremont was asked to excuse himself from the legislative chamber...

Oct 01 2014

HALIFAX, NS – The McNeil Liberals on the House of Assembly’s Law Amendments committee have rejected a Progressive Conservative proposal to ensure rural Nova Scotians have a say in health care delivery.

Progressive Conservative Health critic Chris d’Entremont today moved a constructive amendment to Bill 1 that would create three District Health Authorities – one for the capital district and one for the rest of Nova Scotia, plus the IWK Centre for Children, Women...

Sep 30 2014

d‎'Entremont urges Liberals divide bill for proper debate

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Health critic Chris d’Entremont says the McNeil Liberals’ Health Authorities Act should be divided in order to allow proper debate of the issues.

d’Entremont presented a resolution in the Legislature today calling on the McNeil Liberals to split the Bill and consider the amalgamation of health authorities separately from labour relations.


Sep 28 2014

HALIFAX, NS - ‎The Progressive Conservatives are encouraging Nova Scotians to add their name to the growing list of people who oppose the McNeil Liberals' plans for a four-day workweek for MLAs.

"We need the House of Assembly focused on ways to rebuild our economy and create jobs, not on ways to give MLAs more time off," said Progressive Conservative House Leader Chris d'Entremont....
Sep 26 2014

d’Entremont calls on Liberals to support changes

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative House leader Chris d’Entremont is calling on all MLAs to support a more open and productive House of Assembly.

Today in the Legislature, d’Entremont introduced a resolution to make the House of Assembly more responsive to Nova Scotians.

“We want to see improvements to the rules that would make the House dealings more accessible and relevant to Nova...

Sep 24 2014

d’Entremont to put forward a petition in the House of Assembly

ARGYLE, NS - Chris d’Entremont, MLA for Argyle – Barrington, is concerned about the condition of Route 3 in Argyle. He is calling on the Liberal Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, Geoff MacLellan, to commit to putting the route on the Five-Year Highway Improvement Plan.

On September 4, d’Entremont sent a letter to the Minister requesting he repave and rebuild the road and...

Sep 18 2014

Onshore ban affects offshore employers too

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Energy critic, Chris d’Entremont, is concerned about the potential impact of the McNeil Liberals’ irresponsible ban on hydraulic fracturing will have on Nova Scotia's offshore energy industry.

In 2012, Shell Canada and BP Exploration collectively bid nearly $2 billion for the rights to explore offshore Nova Scotia for oil and gas. The ...

Sep 09 2014

d’Entremont files letter with UARB

HALIFAX, NS – Today, Progressive Conservative Energy Critic, Chris d’Entremont submitted a letter to the Chair of the Utility and Review Board (UARB) about Nova Scotia Power’s (NSPI) service standard and communication failures in the wake of post-tropical storm Arthur.

On July 10, after six days of inaction from the Liberal government, the Progressive Conservative Caucus lodged a...